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Why You Should Always Hire a Master Plumber

master-plumberWhen plumbing problems arise, the first thing you think about is how much it will cost. Tackling the job by yourself might seem like an attractive option. Having your brother-in-law bring his toolbox over might also cross your mind. But the wisest and most cost-effective decision is to hire a McAlister Mechanical master plumber.

What’s so great about licensed master plumbers? Where to begin:

  • Plumbing Permits. Almost all municipal health, building and safety codes require a permit and inspection process. Experienced master plumbers are trained not only to do good plumbing, but to navigate the permit system. When you hire a master plumber, you know the job will meet all legal requirements and quality standards.
  • Save $$$. A “do it yourself” fix might seem cheaper in the short-term. The untrained handyman might miss larger underlying problems. You can prevent a more costly problem from occurring by hiring a trained, licensed plumber to professionally assess your plumbing.
  • Quality. You often get what you pay for. A non-licensed plumber may be able to fix the immediate issue you have, but a master plumber is trained to understand your entire plumbing system. A clogged drain or low water pressure can have quick fixes or they can have quality fixes. A master plumber always delivers quality.
  • Plumbers’ Tools. Most plumbing jobs require specific or custom tools. Plumbing tools can be expensive and difficult to use for the untrained handyman. The price of a set of pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, drain snakes and soldering tools. Take a close look at the price of doing it yourself before you head to the hardware store.
  • Licensing. Licensed plumbers are required to follow state regulations governing how plumbing work is done. They are also required to follow local safety and building codes. Master plumbers also often carry liability and worker’s comp insurance. Someone who has their bases covered and who knows the local regulations will give you properly accomplished work and peace of mind.
  • Save Time. The old cliché of waiting all day for the plumber is just that: old. Plumbing problems can do serious water damage to your home if not taken care of as soon as possible. You or your handyman buddy might be able to start working on your pipes right away, but how long will it take you to finish? Hiring a master plumber assures timely, professional work. And even if you are impatient for your plumber to arrive, a busy plumber is usually one in high demand. You won’t regret doing it right and saving time and money in the longrun.

You rely on your plumbing every day. Your water needs to be hot, your shower needs to drain and your toilet needs to flush. The quality of your plumbing is a factor in the valuation of your home. Your home is a serious investment, and your plumbing is a part of that. Treat it accordingly by hiring a master plumber, and avoid an emergency plumbing situation that will cost you more time and money than you can spare.