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Emergency Boiler Services

We’ve all seen cast iron radiators, often in older homes; often these systems require service. In newer homes, radiators may be steel, or they may be baseboard convectors. Homes with these types of radiators or radiant floor heating systems will have a boiler to generate the heat. Boilers are inherently more complex than a forced air heating system. They have more parts and have far greater needs for maintenance and boiler services.

A residentialheating system that requires boiler services

Residential boilers are more complex than forced air furnaces, and have greater needs for boiler service.

McAlister Mechanical technicians have the education and training to work on all makes and models of boiler systems. They are familiar with all Energy Star certified boilers. Manufacturers such as Carrier, Dunkirk and Lennox are up to 95% efficient. All boiler systems have greater service needs than a forced air system and should be maintained by a well trained technician.

Causes of your home boiler system producing no heat or not enough heat are far more complex than for a forced air system.

Typical causes include

  • Loss of power to the boiler.
  • Low water level in the boiler.
  • Failure of the control electronics.
  • Failure of the ignition electronics.
  • Mineral deposits in the boiler or the heat exchanger.
  • Incorrect pressure in the boiler.
  • Problems with the expansion tank.

… and a host of other possiblities.

Boiler Services Prevents Pollution, Improves Efficiency, & Saves Money

McAlister Mechanical provides professional boiler, radiator and radiant heat repair services for residential and commercial applications in Minneapolis, St Paul along with all the Twin Cities suburbs. We service all makes and models of boilers and we carry a variety of systems to meet all your needs. Our twin cities emergency service team have over 60 years of experience servicing boilers and we are confident that we can take care of any problem. If you have a boiler issue we can find a solution so don’t hesitate to call the boiler service and repair experts of McAlister Mechanical at 612-423-2453.