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Heating Repair & Maintenance

McAlister Mechanical offers complete furnace and heating repair services anywhere in the Twin Cities metro area.  We are here to here to get the heating system of your home or business back up and running in a short amount of time. With our affordable rates you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to do so. When your furnace has stopped working properly, we’re available to service any type of equipment, regardless of the make, model or day.

A trained McAlister service technician making a heating repair to a home furnace.

Going without heat is not an option during the brutally cold Minnesota winters.  Luckily, emergency furnace and heating repair service is only a phone call away when you choose McAlister Mechanical. Our licensed furnace technicians, who have over 125 years of combined experience, are readily available to service your heating system in a timely manner.   We can repair any furnace regardless of make and model. As our furnace technicians carry a huge array of common and necessary parts to restore your furnace to operating condition, we will usually make the repair on the spot. In those few cases where the technician is not carrying the required part in the truck, we have excellent relations with local distributors and can usually obtain a replacement part the same day.

Common Heating Components that Need Repair:

In those unfortunate moments when your furnace is failing and needs heating repair, the problem can usually be traced to one of three furnace component parts:

  • The Burner, heating element, and heat exchanger. Oil and gas furnaces have a combustion chamber and electric furnaces have heating elements. Damage to any of these components can be dangerous, and require immediate professional attention.
  • The blower. The moving parts in your furnace is in the blower. Circulating air through the heat exchanger or across the heating elements, the blower distributes warm air into and through the duct work. When the blower fails, the heated air is not being distributed throughout your home, even though the furnace is producing heat.
  • Electronic circuits, control and safety devices. The failure of these devices will prevent your furnace from heating and distributing air throughout your home or business. Replacing any of this equipment should only be done by trained service professionals.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Energy saving enhancements.
  • Repair and preventative maintenance.
  • Indoor air quality issues.
  • Air purification.
  • Duct sealing.
  • Freon leaks.
  • Broken thermostats.
  • HEPA filters.