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3 Reasons Your Home Needs a Wet Bar

Install a wet bar

Functional, fun, formal—however you justify them, wet bars are awesome. A McAlister plumber can easily assist in the design and installation of yours. Many people wonder if they should get a wet bar. We think it better to wonder where to put one.

Here’s why:

  1.  Class. Entertaining guests, having friends over to watch the game, or inviting neighbors over for dinner has an added panache when you can offer drinks and hors d’oeuvres directly from your wet bar. Pull a perfectly chilled bottle of wine from a mini-fridge. Add a splash of water to your bourbon and serve charcuterie on a granite countertop. Voila! you’re the most popular dinner host in town.
  2. Convenience. Instead of carrying a tray of drinks downstairs, serve them directly from your wet bar. Instead of setting up card tables to hold plates of appetizers, serve them at the wet bar. Instead of hauling dishes to the kitchen, wash them in the wet bar sink. Notice a pattern? Wet bars are easy to install and easy to use. They can also serve as an added food prep space, giving you a less cluttered kitchen. Counter space can be valuable real estate when entertaining guests, or hosting your family for the holidays.
  3. Value. Remodeling projects for your home have double benefits: you get to enjoy them and they add value to your home. A professionally designed and installed wet bar has the dual benefit of being attractive and being an investment. You can reduce the cost of installation by choosing your location wisely. Find areas where pipes and drain systems are nearby.

A finished basement is a typical place for a wet bar, but you can put one anywhere in your home. Don’t let convention limit your imagination. The appeal of a heated garage, a game room or an attic apartment can all be dialed up with a wet bar.

Wet bars also add form and function when:

  • your game room or entertaining space is on a different floor of your home than your kitchen.
  • you want a space to keep drinks cool without taking up refrigerator space in your kitchen.
  • you entertain large groups of guests
  • you want a space outside of your kitchen for added countertops, a refrigerator for ice and keeping drinks cold, a microwave for cooking, and a sink for water and washing

Additional tips:

  • Place a single-wall wet bar in front of a window with a view. The natural light will flatter the construction and the view will draw guests to gather. 
  • Adding shelving above your wet bar is an excellent way to add some extra storage in your home.
  • Complement your home’s architecture with a floor-to-ceiling wet bar.